ChessBomb account types:

Extra Premium
Price per monthFreeFree€ 1.99 (1 year prepaid)
€ 3.99 (monthly)
€ 7.99 (1 year prepaid)
€ 14.99 (monthly)
Price per yearFreeFree€ 23.88€ 95.88
View chat
Post in chat
No ads
more screen estate for the important things
Unrestricted chat
free accounts are blocked from posting when the chat rate is 15 messages per minute or more
Infinite analysis of current position
unleash the engine's full power;
applies to select games only
Download PGN for completed games
only after the game has finished
Download PGN for live games
while they are still being played

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  1. If your account already is Premium / Extra Premium, any additional purchased time (of the same account type) will be added to the existing period.
  2. The difference between free and premium analysis is that with Free each position is only analysed for a fixed limited time. Premium adds continuous analysis of the current position on top of that (the 'Infinite current position analysis' feature). The engine and the hardware specifications are the same on both cases.
  3. The 'Infinite current position analysis' feature will not necessarily be enabled for every game. In cases where we broadcast events with large numbers of simultaneous games, this feature will only apply to select few of them.
  4. The 'Unrestricted chat' feature does not grant immunity from being banned in the chat. We make no distinction between free and paid accounts when moderating it.
  5. The 'Download live PGN' feature is intended for personal use (e.g. analysing the position in an external program). Using it for game retransmissions on other sites or applications is not allowed.
  6. If there is a problem with your payment which you believe is on ChessBomb's side, please notify us via the Contact form.